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Sustainable Living

Sustainable living can be incredibly rewarding, but it does require some changes to your everyday lifestyle. Fortunately, there are many natural alternatives to the commercial products you use every day that can make sustainable living easier without sacrificing performance or convenience. If you’re interested in reducing your impact on the environment while making your home safer and healthier, then read on for some great ideas on how to live sustainably. The desire to live an organic lifestyle has become increasingly popular, especially as more people realize the importance of avoiding harmful chemicals and toxins in their everyday lives. Achieving this goal can be harder than it sounds, however, since many common products contain toxins that aren’t easily recognizable as such. At House of Adam, we believe that sustainable living should be as easy as possible, which is why we strive to sell only the purest and most natural products available on the market today.

Sustainable living means different things to different people, but you can find common ground in many of the practices that come together under this umbrella term. It promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle which, among other things, includes reducing one’s carbon footprint and choosing products that minimize their impact on the environment. This may be as simple as taking public transportation instead of driving your car every day, or it may involve in choosing a responsible alternative for living.

There are many reasons to consider using all-natural products in your home. Many of us are aware of how chemicals in personal care products can affect our health, but do you know that they can actually be damaging to your skin? Are you ready to remove harsh chemical cleaners from your kitchen cabinets? If so, consider buying natural household and personal care items instead as a conscious practice for a better future.

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What feels good is GOOD

Did you know, Sea Sponges are your best beauty accessory? Biologically, Sea sponges are simple, multicellular creatures that live in the oceans. That does not make them dangerous for use as the most efficient and natural beauty and wellbeing accessory.

Your skin and body work hard and using the right products can go a long way. Choosing natural, handmade products will provide you with all the benefits of nature, without the harsh ingredients. House of Adam welcomes you to a responsible alternative to skin & body care because you deserve it. Among its range of pure and natural skin products, Sea Sponges are a highlight.

Why a Sea Sponge?

They are inherently hypoallergenic, antibacterial and exfoliating especially great for skin sensitivities. More so, their being 100% natural and being derived directly from nature, without any additives or enhancers, plastics or toxic chemicals, they are Planet-friendly. A complete renewable natural resource.

The use of Sea Sponges is not just limited to your vanity bag. It is an equally good buffing agent for your car, bathroom and kitchen surfaces. Cleaning will never be the same when you know in your heart that all that buff is not causing any harm to the environment. It is not clogging a landfill, nor it is abrasive to surfaces. The peace of mind that comes with its use is something that money cannot buy.

Sea Sponges as part of our Essentials range is only a small part of House of Adam. We are much more. Come explore the rest of us at House of Adam.

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The Giggles and Smiles – in their purest form

Every parent wants the best care, entertainment and growth for their child. At Adam’s Nursery we are committed towards the well-being of babies and toddlers. With a wide range of hand-crafted, non-toxic range of toys and skincare, our goal is to provide safe and beneficial products that help nurture your little ones.

A toy can teach a child much more than it comes across. In a market of innumerable toys that attract with sound and technology, we take the little ones to a world which is far from it. We take them to a place that is tranquil with the knocks of wood and dash of colour, all set into playthings that not only allow them a safe playtime but nurtures future champions of sustainability.

A world away from toxins is a world your little ones see with House of Adam.

Our offerings for your tiny tots do not stop at toys. We believe everything that a child touches should be as innocent and untainted as childhood itself.

Find a range of baby, infant and toddler products from toys to skincare products to linen and laundry products. Find it all at House of Adam.

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A Sense of Earthing

What is a beginning? An early stage of something new, origin of a person or an organization. Things that are close to our thoughts and heart occasionally starts in the most unexpected manner.

The Earth we live on is abundantly enriched for sustenance of all the life on it. It is bountiful to nurture life in all forms to its fullest and best. There is an invisible energy that binds life to the Earth itself. Scientifically, this is called the principle of Earthing or being connected to the Earth.

To explain purely, Earthing means connecting with the natural energy of the Earth. A barefoot walk on the seashore or a green patch of grass, gives way to that connection. The reason why it feels so good to walk down a beach without slippers or walk around your garden barefoot is because you are soaking up negative ions from the Earth!
The negatively charged ions from this Earthing, bond with and cancel the stress-causing positively charged free radicals in our body. This causes us to feel better, look better, and be a whole lot healthier.

The effects of this single, simple activity are immense. An active cause in reducing body inflammation, reducing chronic pain, improving sleep quality, improving blood viscosity, reducing stress, bettering sleep and an overall enhancing of life itself.

This concept of connecting with the Earth and the physics of Earthing is what we take to every realm of our lives. At House of Adam, it’s back to basics that we are talking about. Let us take you on a journey where we explore how life can be lived, sustained and appreciated for all that it has to offer, in its purest form.

The home of a family brought together by a radical idea and a singular vision of a sustainable lifestyle. Transforming life by choice, from kitchen to the living room to your child’s nursery, our humble abode has products for everyone’s needs.